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Raj Bhasha

दिनांक 31-12-2016 को समाप्त हुई राजभाषा हिंदी की तिमाही की रिपोर्ट

As per the instructions of given by KVS time to time Raj Bhasa is implemented at Vidyalaya level in all respect.  Following agenda points are taken into consideration under Raj Bhasa:-

  • Correspondence of Hindi letter in Hindi language.
  • Maximum use of Hindi at Vidyalaya level.
  • Quarterly meeting held at Vidyalaya level regulary

One project"Comparison and Innovation in Hydomills in Teh Baijnath Distt Kangra" Sub Theme"Energy" has been selected for National Level 25th NCSC form KV Alhilal      Congrats to all Students,Teachers,& Parents for 100% Class XII Result for the session 2016-17. Topper of the Vidyalyaya "SAMRITI" with 87.6%.
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