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1.   New scheme of evaluation

2.   Back to basic

3.   Van mohatsav

4.   Language skills(Hindi and English)

5.   Annual function

6.   Basic computer knowledge for teachers

7.   School readiness programme

8.   Saturday planning

9.   Cluster level activities

10.     Remedial teaching

11.     Library books and record

12.     Celebration of important days



1.   Implementation of back to basic programmes

2.   Remedial  classes for needy students

3.   Minimum level of learning for every class.

4.   Use of ICT in teaching learning programmes and film shows.

5.   Planning for Saturday.

6.   Subject enrichment activities and their records

7.   Uniform format for keeping cluster level enrichment records.

8.   Cluster level activities for Baldivas.

9.   Demo lessons

10.        Improvement in communication skill.


KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA  Bhanala (GHOJU):-(3-11 -2017)

                                     POINTS DISCUSSED____

1.   To chalk out programmes for Baldivas

2.   Planning for fun day

3.   Swacth bacchai swasth Bharat.

4.   Celebration of grand parents day.

5.   Planning and next venue for CMP cluster meeting.



Welcoming of new students distribution of RTE  books  and stationery




Updating and uploading data under shala darpan project

CMP meet

Rediness for CCA

Planning morning assembly activities

Medical check up

House formation ,meting ,English calligraphy, painting competition                   

Meeting students council with principal and senior most teacher of primary



Holidays HW for al classes (summer vacations



                                                 (   JUNE -JULY)

Meeting of student council with principal and senior most teacher.

CCA activities for 1 and II

Show and tell, dictation (English)Hindi poem recitation, best out of waste ,Hindi calligraphy


Sports day

Periodic test-1(syallabus 31st july)

Rakhi ,mehandi and drawing competations

Meeting of student council with principal

Teachers day celebration,hindi pakhwara activities,fancy dress

Declamation (Hindi )Doha vachan, Group song

Parent teacher meeting

CCA activities for class 1 and 2


                                       ( OCT.-NOV.)

Autumn  break


Half yearly examination(upto 30th September)



Community lunch


Balmela at vidyalaya level for class 1and 2 and cluster level for clas III to v


CMP MEET(mini sports)


Fancy dress compt. Diya and candle decoration,balmela.


KVS foundation day



Excursion(1and II)know your city

Class III-V (Know your neighbourhood)

Meeting of student council with principal and senior teacher.

Fruit chart making and group dance.

Republic day  celebration.

Collection of class magazine

Winter break



Periodic test -2(upto 31st December



Christmas day celebration

Holidays HW

Cluster meet

Republic day celebration



                                     (FEB. __ MARCH)

Release of news letter

Session ending examination(SA2)

Cub bulbul utsav

Baden powell birthday







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Click here to  view  News Letter 2018-19 

Congratulations to all Students, Teachers, and Parents for 100% Class XII Results for the session 2018-19, Mamta Topped with 87.8%       शैक्षणिक सत्र 2019-20 के लिए केंद्रीय विद्यालय अल्हीलाल में कक्षा एक तथा अन्य कक्षाओं में प्रवेश के लिए ऑनलाइन पंजीकरण दिनांक 01.03. 2019, प्रातः 08:00 बजे से दिनांक 19.03. 2019, सायं 04:00 बजे तक तथा कक्षा दो से ऊपर की कक्षाओं (कक्षा ग्यारह को छोड़कर) दिनांक 02.04.2019 प्रातः 08:00 बजे से दिनांक 09.04. 2019, सायं 04:00 बजे तक किया जा सकेगा |      Congrats to all Students,Teachers,& Parents for 100% Class XII Result for the session 2017-18      केंद्रीय विद्यालय अल्हिलाल की और से गणतंत्र दिवस के शुभ कामनाएं      One project"Comparison and Innovation in Hydomills in Teh Baijnath Distt Kangra" Sub Theme"Energy" has been selected for National Level 25th NCSC form KV Alhilal      Congrats to all Students,Teachers,& Parents for 100% Class XII Result for the session 2016-17. Topper of the Vidyalyaya "SAMRITI" with 87.6%.
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